Hello. My name is Jude Lay and I am going to be writing a series of articles which I hope you will find interesting and informative. 

I am a mother of five children and have been studying ( formally and informally ) Natural Healthcare for about 35years. My first formal study was in Horticultural Sciences at Massey University and this stood me in good stead when I was later studying Herbal medicine and Homeopathy as I had a good knowledge of plants / weeds / soils etc. 

Nutrition has always interested me and I was fortunate to grow up in the country with huge gardens and 2 parents who were both great cooks. My first boyfriend was a strapping 6’7” and a vegetarian so this intrigued me and had me off exploring different cultures and comparing data. I still enjoy researching information and trying to stay current with the latest research. 

I have owned and operated two Health shops with multidisciplined consulting rooms.As well as Herbal Medicine & Nutrition, I also have training and experience with Live Blood Cell analysis  (Haemaview ) , Cell Salts, Celloid Mineral Therapy, Bach Flowers, Touch for Health ( Kinesiology ), Educational Kinesiology ( Brain gym ), Iridology, Aromatherapy and a range of massage techniques. 

In my practice I also incorporate breathing techniques and where appropriate encourage people to start exploring how they can grow and change and become happier and healthier in themselves. 

The benefits of natural healthcare are becoming more well-known to both laypersons and the medical profession. Whether you are suffering a chronic illness, feeling mildly unwell, or simply wanting to take more responsibility to boost your health and vitality, Natural Healthcare can assist you. 

The increase in Paediatric disorders ( e.g. ADHD, Asthma, Eczema ) has been linked to autoimmune issues (chronic viral and bacterial infections particularly in the brain, the digestive and urinary tracts and the ear, nose and throat). One of the contributing factors to this is our exposure to  toxins (both internally and externally) which has increased dramatically since World War Two. The list of “culprits” is extensive e.g. Pesticides and Heavy Metals -DDT is a toxic chemical but was once promoted as ‘SAFE’ to douse your children’s hair with for cooties! Not to mention liberal applications on the soils growing our food. One of the most well-known Heavy metals is Lead which is found in old house paints, and pipes). 

Although a lot of people are now aware of some of the more dangerous substances, there are many chemicals still commonly used in the growing of our food, cleaning products, skin and hair care products and in the building and outfitting of our homes which are all adding to the job our body has of keeping us healthy. 

My clinical experience has confirmed for me that an important aspect of people’s health problems arises from poor digestive function. This can come about for a number of reasons but if you combine poor nutrition with stress of any kind and add in a history of Pharmaceutical drug overuse then you are going to have health problems. Antibiotics were a fabulous discovery but they were never intended to be used repeatedly, especially for conditions which will respond to dietary changes, herbal medicine, minerals, and/or homoeopathy. 

The downside of antibiotics is that they not only kill harmful bacteria, they also wipe out the good guys we actually need in our digestive tract to maintain adequate breakdown of foods, production of various B vitamins, water absorption, and to produce metabolites needed to boost your immune system. Without a good balance of beneficial flora in our small intestine and bowel, it is not reasonable to expect our body to adequately complete the job of assimilating nutrients and excreting by-products. If you are prescribed antibiotics then I would advise you to take what’s commonly referred to as a Probiotic (Healthy bacteria for your gut) If you have a history of antibiotic use or an on-going problem e.g. sinus infections, throat and or ear infections, chest infections, or urinary tract / bladder infections, recurrent thrush, bloating, pain after eating and/or diarrhoea, or constipation, I invite you to give me a ring to arrange an appointment. 



Posted: Wed 05 Feb 2014

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