Gluten, Mineral deficiencies and Thyroid health

Gluten, Mineral deficiencies and Thyroid health

I have had an interest in Thyroid health   for many years and putting all the puzzle pieces together has taken time & effort & a careful observation over many years of clinic work. I am constantly seeking more information and have reviewed many papers and books and more recently a lot of blogs and websites.

My first priority is always to look for the underlying physical and emotional stressors that contribute to each individuals health challenges.

Heres a guy who is doing a great job of helping people to make sense of the connection between gluten and their health problems

If you suspect you have underlying sensitivities and / or experience any of the following symptoms, then please take a little time to click on the link & read and watch what this savvy Doctor has to say :-)

  *Muscle weakness *Cold intolerance *Constipation *Weight gain *Depression *Joint or Muscle pain *Thin brittle hair *Fatigue & Lethergy *Dry flakey skin *Hoarseness *Menstrual & or Fertility problems *Poor memory *Goitre

Thyroid Health

Let me know what you think & do contact me if you would like some help unravelling your own situation.

Kind Regards :-) Jude

Posted: Thursday 9 October 2014


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