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I have created this website to give the public a no-nonsense approach to Health and Wellbeing. It covers the basics of good nutrition, detoxing and great remedies, predominantly Herbal, to assist you becoming a happier and healthier human being.

Healthy living tips and remedies for all the family, and yes, even your pets!

I am available for advice, or more in-depth fee based One on One Health consultations, and / or coaching sessions, ideal for those persistent problems in your life, which can hinder your overall Health and Wellbeing.

I would love the opportunity to share with you my wealth of knowledge.

You can connect with me via email, or follow me on Facebook.


With Love and Gratitude
Jude Lay B.Hort 

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Jude Lay
Natural Therapist,
Life Coach, 

Health Consultant & Avatar Master®
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